Year after year many of our guests return to the North sea, the beach, the dunes, the sun and the outstanding nature with sea and fjord.

The North Sea and Ringkøbing Fjord offers a unique scenic landscape, whatever you want to frisk about at the sea, watch the sunset or stroll to find some amber. Admission at all beaches at the North Sea coast is free.

Local sightseeing:

  • The square – the old cosy surroundings of the city
  • Ringkøbing Harbour
  • The sand sculptures in Søndervig
  • Strandgaarden Museum, Husby Klit
  • Fiskeriets Hus – aquarium and fishing museum
  • Lighthouse Lyngvig
  • House of the blacksmiths, Lem

Other excursions within 1-2 hour of driving:

  • Legoland, Billund, Ca. 80 km.
  • Løveparken, Givskud, Ca. 80 km.
  • Hjerl Hede, Frilandsmuseum, Ca. 65 km.
  • Jesperhus Blomsterpark, Mors, Ca. 100 km.
  • Fiskeri Museet, Esbjerg, Ca. 80 km.
  • Haunstrup Minizoo, Haunstrup, Ca. 42 km.
  • Strandingsmuseum St.George, Thorsminde, Ca. 40 km.